What is Charity Ball?

Charity Ball is a soccer charity that provides, new, quality soccer balls to kids in poverty-stricken communities around the world.
About Charity Ball


Good question. Why invest in a soccer ball when there are so many other ways to help children? Consider the following:

  • Children in developing countries are forced to deal difficult things like HIV/AIDS, contaminated water and civil war. One way for them to cope is by playing the game of soccer.
  • Soccer is an excellent way to learn how to work together and succeed. It promotes friendship and fair play.
  • Soccer promotes good health through physical fitness.
  • Soccer reduces crime because kids have something constructive to do.
  • Many children in developing nations will never get the opportunity to touch or kick a real soccer ball.
  • Soccer can help a child develop a strong identity and sense of self worth.

How did Charity Ball start?

Charity Ball Soccer Charity was started in 2010 by Ethan King, who was 10 years old at the time. During the summer of 2009 he visited Mozambique (Africa) with his dad. While his father rehabilitated water wells, Ethan played soccer with the village kids. In one particular village, he decided to give his soccer ball away and quickly discovered the power of generosity. After returning to the United States, he decided that he wanted to do more. He gathered with some friends and officially launched Charity Ball. Read Ethan’s bio

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How does Charity Ball Work?

When you donate $25, a new, quality, soccer ball is purchased for a child. With basic criteria, affiliate organizations help us identify needy villages. When communities are approved, partner organizations help us with shipping and transportation. All Charity Balls are hand delivered. Nobody ever has to wonder if their Charity Ball actually made it into the hands of a child.

Can I request a ball for myself?

Sorry, not at this time. All Charity Ball recipients are identified through exemplary groups and organizations.

Can my organization request balls?

Yes. We are always looking for groups connected to, and/or working in impoverished or underprivileged situations. However, please note that Charity Ball does not ship balls internationally.
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How do kids qualify for Charity Balls?

Charity Ball has a simple criteria for identifying potential recipients.

  • Kids who are living in impoverished conditions
  • Kids who do not have their own soccer ball
  • Kids who want, but can’t afford their own ball
  • Kids whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are unlikely ever purchase them a soccer ball because they can’t afford it
  • Kids who have never received a Charity Ball

How can I become a sponsor?

Charity Ball sponsors are groups, companies, organizations or leagues. You can become a sponsor by making a donation, underwriting the purchase of balls, providing balls at cost or intentionally promoting Charity Ball on some level, ie: events, packaging, website, store windows, company communications etc.

When you become a sponsor we include your logo on our website and our promotional materials. Contact us if you’d like to become an official sponsor.

How can I donate?

You can donate here via Paypal, or you can send a check to the PO Box address on the bottom of the page. Charity Ball is registered with Vox United, a 501(C)3 organization. Tax id #20-8989756. Tax receipts are available upon request.
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