Charity Ball Football Club

The Crisis

Radical insurgent attacks on local villages in northern Mozambique, Africa have left over 350,000 children without a home or family. Seeking refuge, many have flooded into Pemba, the capital of Cabo Delgado province. Without access to food, shelter, and support, many of these children are left suspended in dire need.

Our Response

Charity Ball has collaborated with government officials to develop a refugee soccer/mentoring program (CBFC). Coach/mentors provide game-changing assists to kids in the form of clean drinking water, education, life-skills and opportunities to rise above.

The need is pressing and together we can do something about it. When you donate to Charity Ball, you’re investing in more than a game… you’re changing the game for a kid.

CB Mozambique soccer clinic

You Can Help Change The Game

We are currently enlisting sponsors and raising support to sponsor CBFC teams.

Every donation helps change the game for refugee kids in Mozambique.