Mozambique Refugee Response Initiative


Official Statement

In early November 2020, fifty innocent people were marched onto a soccer pitch, beheaded, and chopped to pieces.

This gruesome incident was the latest in a string of ISIS-related insurgent attacks on local villagers in northern Mozambique, Africa. To date, over 3,000 individuals have been killed and 400,000 have fled their homes.

For us, this is more significant than a breaking news headline or a trivial twitter hashtag. Not only was the Charity Ball mission born in this region, it’s where a majority of our work continues to this day.

Mozambique is our home; these people are family.

As an organization, we believe we have a responsibility to leverage our influence and help the thousands of kids who’ve lost their families and homes to these unspeakable atrocities.

In response, Charity Ball has begun the process of working with local leaders and government officials to offer aid to many of the refugee children, assuring that basic humanitarian needs are being met. Additionally, in an effort to provide security, empowerment, and a sense of hope for displaced youth, we will be establishing an infrastructure in the form of a refugee soccer league and club — employing coaches to act as mentors, develop relationships, and foster a healing environment.

This situation warrants more than a like or retweet. It demands action. When you donate to Charity Ball, you’re investing in more than a game… you’re investing in an opportunity to CHANGE the game. We need your help. Together we can be a beacon of hope and provide tangible support to our friends in need.

-Team CB

Change The Game

Your donation will help fund
the Mozambique Refugee project,
bringing hope to hundreds of kids.