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July 2012

Erin Jipping: Hope College Women’s Soccer

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Let me introduce you to Erin Jipping. Erin is part of my extended family and an amazing soccer player. She’s been playing the beautiful game for as long as I can remember.

Erin currently plays for Hope College (Holland, MI). A graduate from West Ottawa High School, she was honored as one of MIAA’s MVP offensive players last fall when she scored a hat-trick as a freshmen – the very first hat-trick in Hope’s Van Andel Soccer Stadium.

I recently asked her what were some things that she learned about transitioning from high school to college soccer. Here’s what she said…

1. Dedication
Dedication is the number one most important thing to have. It’s hard transitioning from high school to college, so dedicating myself fully to the team and getting better was a must.

2. Leadership
Be a leader. Always remember that even though you are such a small part of the team your leadership matters. Always remember that one person on the team could be looking at you as a role model. Be a leader on and off the field at all times. Push yourself and your team to your fullest potential.

3. Team
Team is everything. I learned that being on a college team is not just being a part of a team, it’s being a part of a family. Team chemistry is what makes the team mesh on the field. We would do anything for one another and it shows on the field when we play. There is no “I” in team. One team, one dream. We were and always will be a family. So be a good supportive team mate no matter what, it makes the world of a difference.

Erin, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Congrats again on netting the first hat-trick at Van Andel!

Tri-Cities Strikers 3v3

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Yesterday I had a solid time playing and promoting Charity Ball at the Tri-Cities Strikers 3v3 tournament (Grand Haven, Mi). My Friend Cam and I put together a small team with a few of our buds from Lakeshore Premier. We had an awesome time playing and hanging out with each other. I love playing with these guys. They are passionate about the game and passionate about winning. Although our 3v3 team made it to the finals, we got off to a slow start. At one point we were down by 3 points. The guys showed some character, turned up the intensity and came back. At the end of the day, our team won the championship 6-5. The other team (No Mercy) did a great job and put up a good fight. I’ve got to give them props – it was a good game.

Can’t say enough about The Tri-City Strikers and Lakeshore Premier. Both clubs have been extremely supportive of Charity Ball. CB had a tent-display set up all day at the event. (thanks to everyone who volunteered) Lots of people stopped by and we sold a bunch of shirts to support the cause. For the first time we used Twitter to promote CB at an event. We sent out tweets and invited people to follow or retweet to enter a giveaway. We raffled off CB T-shirts each hour from 10am-2pm during the tournament. People seemed to be into it. We also had a lot of folks stop by to purchase shirts or donate money to help get kids around the world receive new soccer balls. It was a great day!


Top 3 Things To Do as a Goalkeeper

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Garrison Mast (14 years-old) is an outstanding goalkeeper.

My brother calls him “The Mini Casillas” (Real Madrid’s & Spain’s amazing net minder). I’ve played with “G” for the last 2 years on the U13 and U14 Lakeshore Premier Teams. Over the last 2 premier league seasons he has only been scored on 5 times. That number is not a mistake. Of the dozens of shots taken on him, only 5 have have made it across the line. As a forward, I’ve gone up against a lot of good goal keepers and G is easily one of the best.

I recently asked him if he would give us some goalkeeping tips. So for those of you wanting grow in your goalkeeping skills – here ya go. Thanks G!

Top 3 Things To Do As a Goalkeeper

1. Always be talking
Communicating with your teammates and telling them where to be is a huge way to cut back on the goals against you. Direct your players where to be and you will not have as many goals scored on your team, which will ultimately lead to more wins.

2. Always be positive
The more you are positive, the more your players will want to work for you. With your players working hard for you, fewer goals will be scored, also leading to more wins.

3. Always give effort
If you give 100% effort on every shot, (even the ones you know you will most likely miss) you will eventually extend your range and make the save. Also when your teammates see you giving 100% all the time, they too will want to work that hard as well.

– Garrison

Garrison Mast lives in Grand Haven Michigan, attends Grand Haven high school and plays for Lakeshore Premier Soccer Club.

Volunteering @ Hope Soccer Camp

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For the past two weeks I’ve been volunteering as a junior coach at the Hope College Soccer Camp.

The camp is directed by the men’s head coach, Steve Smith and led by some of Hope College’s outstanding players.

Kids (ages 4-14) come from all over Michigan to spend the week learning how to become a better soccer player. Each day has a specific focus like finishing, defending or passing. Typically there is a demonstration and then kids go to their individual teams and work with the Hope players to develop the demonstrated skill. The player / coaches are awesome college students who really care about the kids. I really enjoy being around these guys. They are smart, fun and really talented. So if your looking to develop as a player, be sure to check out The Hope Soccer Camp in Holland, Michigan

By the way, that’s me in the blue Spain jersey down front. It was red, white & blue day and Spain was playing Portugal in the Euro 2012 – so I just had to wear it.