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October 2012

Why the Yellow Soccer Ball?

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Have you ever wondered why the big soccer leagues like Barclays, La Liga, and Serie A, switch from using a white soccer ball to a yellow soccer ball mid season? Well I’ve done a little research and discovered that Nike introduced the yellow ball back in 2004/2005. Allegedly, the yellow colorway allows players on the pitch to see the ball better during cold, foggy, winter conditions. If you can see the ball better, you can respond quicker – which ultimately takes the game to a higher level of play.

Some people say it’s just a marketing ploy by Nike to sell more balls, so I decided to run my own test. I live in West Michigan where the weather is very similar to England this time of year. I went outside with my white and yellow soccer balls and held them agains the grey sky to see if one stood out more than the other. Sure enough, the yellow ball created more contrast and was easier to see. Check out the pictures below. I can definitely say that using a yellow ball in the winter months against grey conditions makes a lot of sense. Maybe we should start using them more in our youth leagues here in the States. -E

Even More Beautiful

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It goes without saying that Hope College is a great school full of some beautiful people. I’ve had the honor of meeting some of these folks through the Hope College Soccer Camps and Charity Ball presentations. Leigh Sears (Head coach of the Women’s soccer team at Hope) contacted me one day and asked if I’d be willing to come and talk to the women’s soccer team about the CB project. Leigh had already donated some soccer balls. I met the team at the Van Andel Stadium and shared my story. They were really encouraging and exited to get involved. Little did I know that they would go above and beyond donating a few soccer balls.

I caught up with Coach Leigh recently for short a interview:

Ethan: How is the fall season going so far?
Leigh: The fall season is going very well. We have a ton of starters back who gained valuable experience last year. We are currently 7-3 overall and 4-2 in the MIAA with a lot of soccer left to play.

Ethan: What motivated you to partner with Charity Ball?
Leigh: I am always looking for a way for the players to think outside of themselves and make a difference. We have a great group of women who are very service oriented and want to make a difference, not only locally, but around the world. I asked them if they would be willing to spend their money for a great cause and there was no hesitation what so ever. What better way than to use the game they love to help others.

Ethan: What do you hope to accomplish with the partnership?
Leigh: Our team motto this year is “Iron Sharpens Iron”. We are hoping everyday to go out and make ourselves and our teammates better both on and off the field. We talk about doing the right thing and making sure that we work hard to make those around us better. We are really hoping that Charity Ball gets some more recognition and we can help send more soccer balls to places in need and in doing that, help make the Charity Ball name a “household” name!

Ethan: Who thought of the idea of promoting Charity Ball at games by wearing CB warm up jerseys?
Leigh: I actually did. I wanted to help Charity Ball gain some recognition and thought by wearing the shirts for pre-game (home and away) and on the sidelines we would bring some awareness to your efforts. While on the road we have already had people ask us what it was all about.

Ethan: Is there anything we can do to help you share the Beautiful Game with others?
Leigh: Keep doing what you are doing and come out and support the Flying Dutch!

Big thanks to Coach Leigh and the Women’s Hope Soccer Team. Our world needs more people like you!

– E