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November 2012

Mercurial Vapor 8s VS Tiempo Legend Elites

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Having a good pair of soccer boots is really important to me.

Instead of going with Nike Mercurials this season, I decided to try a pair of Tiempo Legend Elites.

I’ve always loved wearing Mercurials because they are super light and make me feel quick on my feet. At a soccer camp this summer the studs on my ID Vapor 8s broke. I’ve never had that happen. The fall season was right around the corner and I needed a new pair ASAP. I used to wear a pair of Tiempo 10Rs when I was 10 years-old and I loved them, so I thought I’d give them another whirl. I picked up a pair of Tiempo Legend Elites with the carbon fiber sole plates. After playing in them for a season, I thought it would be worth writing a head-to-head comparison.

Here’s my take:

The Vapors are made of lighter synthetic material and seem to allow my feet to move quicker. The Tiempos are made of real leather, the sole plate is wider and there are more studs on the bottom which makes it slightly heavier. (but not much)
Winner: Mercurials

The Vapors are meant for speed and the Tiempos are meant for control. This is why most wingers wear Mercurials. The Tiempos are made of kangaroo leather, and the sole plate is carbon fiber. The Tiempos are very comfortable and allow you to feel the ball a bit more than the Mercurials.
Winner: Tiempos

In my opinion, both boots look cool. The Tiempos are clean and the Mercurials have flare. The bright colors make the Mercurials really stand out. The Tiempos are smooth because of their clean, simple look. It just depends on your mood.
Winner: Tie

Because the Tiempos are wider, there is a larger surface to strike or pass the ball which helps with accuracy. Mercurials are more narrow with less surface.
Winner: Tiempos

I did feel faster in the Mercurials because there is less weight on my foot. It is not that the Tiempos can’t be fast, it’s just that the Mercurials are lighter which makes them feel faster.
Winner: Mercurials

If you’re considering top-level cleats, (Mercurial Vapors or the Legend Elites) the price difference isn’t that huge. The Elite Tiempos list for around $240. (last year’s carbon fiber version) The Mercurial Vapors range from $230-$270. A brand new pair of Tiempo Legends now run you about $189 on Pro Direct Soccer, and a brand new pair of Mercurial Vapors cost around $250.
Winner: Tiempos

In conclusion… it comes down to personal preference. Both cleats are really solid. There something about the Vapors that fit the way I play and roll. Probably go with the Mercurials next round. I’ll keep you posted.