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January 2013

You Tube Soccer Sweetness

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You Tube is home to some pretty sweet soccer vids, both amateur and pro. I must admit, I’ve learned a few burn moves from You Tube over the past few years. I’ve also come across some amazing clips. There are thousands of them out there.

I thought it would be cool to highlight a few that I really like. I can’t really call these the “best” of You Tube soccer, because everybody has their own opinion of  what’s the best. So let’s just call these “You Tube Soccer Sweetness.”

Here are some some short, but sweet soccer clips. Check em out and tweet me what you think. @charityballnews

Sweet Bicycle Kick: Wayne Rooney

Sweet Cross: David Beckham

Sweet Goal Line Save: Tony Beltran


Sweet Own Goal: Unknown

Sweet Celebration: Unknown

Sweet Free Kick: Roberto Carlos

Sweet Penalty Shot: Zinedine Zidane

Sweet Moves: Cristiano Ronaldo

Sweet Rainbow: Unknown

Sweet Goal: Lionel Messi

2013 Charity Ball World Tour

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The 2013 Charity Ball World Tour sets sail from the Port of San Diego this Wednesday, January 9.

The tour will take place over a 4-month period and 500 new, quality soccer balls will be hand delivered to kids in 10 different countries. Tom Bearer, a student at the University of Maine will be giving leadership to the the deliveries on the ground. Emily Wood and Jackie Faryniarz are also leveraging their semester at sea by representing Charity Ball in the effort. We anticipate some really cool stories and pictures coming our way over the next several weeks.Charity Ball World Tour 2013

Dates and countries are listed below. We will be publishing tour updates here at and via Twitter @charityballnews. Be sure stop by and catch the latest, the greatest and pictures of all the smiling faces.

A big thanks to: Soccer World, John Rivers and Co., Bounce Athletics, and the players at Canton Celtic (Canton, MI) for helping sponsor the tour. This is going to be amazing!

China – February 3
Vietnam – February 12
Singapore – February 20
Burma – February 25
India – March 6
Mauritius – March 18
South Africa – March 25
Ghana – April 8
Morocco – April 18