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March 2013

Charity Ball: World Tour Update 03.17.13

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Tom Bearor is currently traveling the world by sea- representing Charity Ball and hand-delivering new soccer balls to kids in 10 different countries. Check out this little update…

From Tom…

Deliveries have been amazing.

I have one story that I would love to share. One of my good friends on the ship was independently traveling in Burma. While walking down a few streets and alleyways, he stumbled upon a dirt soccer field with buildings surrounding it. He saw a few boys playing on the field with marbles – because they did not have a soccer ball.

He thought to himself, “What I wouldn’t give for one of the Charity Ball soccer balls at this very moment.” He has personally accompanied me in hand-delivering balls on the tour and has seen the joy it brings to children. He left the field, a little bummed. But after leaving, he noticed a mom and pop shop that was selling soccer balls. Without hesitation, he bought a ball. He then headed back to the field and played soccer with the kids for some time. When he needed to leave, he waved goodbye and started walking. One of the boys ran to him with the ball and held it out trying to give it back.Once my friend was able to communicate that the ball was a gift for them, the boys started jumping up and down in celebration. Back on the ship my friend told me that if it wasn’t for the Charity Ball project we’re doing, he never would have thought of doing what he did.

This is one of my favorite stories that I could ever tell. It proves that what we’re doing is not only making a difference in the lives of kids in developing nations, but also the students on the ship traveling the world. Any student who has had the opportunity of gifting soccer balls with me, or with Semester at Sea service trips has felt that it has been the best thing they have done on this voyage.

Tom, thanks for the update. Hopefully it will inspire other people around the world to do the same. -E

Play [well]

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Many of you know my younger brother, Jade. He’s 11 years-old.

For sometime he’s been wanting to help do something to help people in Africa receive clean water. He came up with this idea of putting together a campaign that raises money through our partner organization, Vox United. I thought it was a great idea and so here is what we are going to do.

Charity Ball is partnering with Vox United to share the beautiful game and the gift of clean water with a village in rural Mozambique. Right now millions of people in Africa do not have access to clean water. Together we can change that.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve launched a PLAY [well] Campaign. Our goal is to raise $5000 to install a new community well that will give about 1500 people clean water. That’s about $3 per person or cup a coffee at Starbucks. For every $66 donated to the campaign Charity Ball will match it with a brand new, quality soccer ball. Why $66? Because $66 represents water for 22 people, which is the number of players on a soccer field during a game.

In the end, the village will have clean water and 76 new soccer balls to play the beautiful game for a long time. It’s going to be really cool.

Charity Ball will get the soccer balls, but we need your help to get the water.

Check this out…

If 152 people donate $33 each, it’s done.
If 50 people donate $100 each, it’s done.
If one business donates 5K, it’s done.

Want to help us get it done? You can donate to the campaign here.

Thanks for helping us bring the gift of play and clean water to people who need and deserve it most.

Oh, if you haven’t already followed Jade on Twitter, you can do so here @charityballjade