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August 2013

How to Play Midfield: Andrew Keizer

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Let me introduce you to my friend Andrew Keizer.

Andrew is a part of the Charity Ball family. He plays midfield for Lakeshore Premier SC in Grand Haven, MI and recently made the Michigan ODP state pool for his age group. He also plays for his high school (Holland Christian) in Holland MI.For several years now, he’s been developing his skills as an attacking midfielder. I dropped him a text a few days ago and asked him if he could pass along some cool tips for kids wanting to learn how to be successful at the midfield position.

Here is what he sent me:
1. Space – make runs into strategic space to help support the player who has the ball.
2. Vision of the Field – know where a good run is being made so that you can play them a ball.
3. Good Decisions – know where you are going with the ball before it comes to you.
4. Be Unpredictable – change up what you’re doing with the ball so you can be more dangerous.
5. Play the Simple – don’t try to do anything that is too hard and will give up the ball.

I totally agree with Andrew on these points. I too play midfield from time-to-time and these are some of the things I’m trying to do when I’m on the pitch. Right now I’m working hard on trying be unpredictable. You don’t want to do the same thing over and over again. When opponents know what you’re going to do with the ball, they can shut you down.

Tip: if you play midfield and you want to remember these points, try writing them on your hand before training or the big game.

Andrew, thanks for the pointers. Keep up the good work – Jade @charityballjade

The Real Heroes

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Ethan and Brooke Babbitt (pictured above) from Grand Haven, MI 

Let’s just be honest, Charity Ball wouldn’t be what it is without the help of some amazing people. The real heroes are the ones who sacrifice by doing things like giving up their birthdays, donating their allowances, collecting bottles, organizing tournaments and inviting friends to do things bigger than themselves.

This post is a shout out to some of the people who have recently something with Charity Ball to make the The Beautiful Game even more beautiful.

  • Brooke Babbitt – For her 10th birthday, Brooke hosted a party at a local bowling alley. She sent out a letter to all her friends and soccer teammates before the event that she would be requesting money to donate to Charity Ball instead of gifts. Brooke felt inspired to use her birthday to share soccer with other kids around the world. “I already have a ton of stuff,” she said.
  • Lawrence Kaplin – Traveled to Haiti a few weeks ago and hand-delivered balls to kids
  • Grant, Mickey, Bryce, Alex, and Colton – Played in an Illinois soccer tournament on behalf of Charity Ball
  • Leo Adams – Hosted a soccer game for his 10th birthday and asked the kids who came to make donations to Charity Ball. He raised $525, enough for 21 soccer balls.
  • Jeremy Hurd – Charity Ball advocate extraordinaire organized his youth soccer team to promote Charity Ball at (Region I) regionals
  • Leigh Sears and Hope College Women’s Soccer Team– Secured finances to help fund the Play [well] Cup
  • Garrison Mast, David Krapohl, Bryce Eggers, and Andrew Keizer – Played in a tournament on behalf of Charity Ball
  • Amelia Leopold – Created a Bat Mitzvah project to purchase kids new soccer balls
  • Drew VanAndel – Raised finances for the Play [well] Cup Tournament in Mozambique
  • Zach Kammeraad – Rallied people, spread the word and made phone calls to potential sponsors
  • James Los– College student who has financially invested in Charity Ball on a regular basis since the beginning

To the real heros…