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July 2014

Katie Couric & Charity Ball Founder, Ethan King

By Media

A few weeks back I flew to New York and did an interview with Katie Couric on the Katie Couric Show. First, I want to say that Katie is one of the coolest, nicest people you’ll ever meet. She’s a lot fun and obviously cares about the world and the needs of others. Katie’s team is also amazing – especially producer Lori Beecher. The entire team treats you like you’re the most important person on the planet. Prior to the interview I spent about an hour and a half in an ABC green room. Every 5-10 ten minutes Lori or one of Katie’s other producers would come down and check on me. Gearing up for the show is sort of like gearing up for a big game. Your heart pumps fast and you do all you can to focus yourself on what’s in front of you. As I walked down the stairs and behind the set, I could feel the butterflies starting to move around in my stomach. They checked my mic, set me up with a little makeup and gave me a quick overview of when and where I needed to go.

When I finally entered the stage, and sat down in the chair across from Katie, it was like the game had started. The adrenaline kicked in and I felt right at home. Honestly, it was a lot of fun! The best part was right towards the end of the segment when a stagehand brought out a wheelbarrow full of soccer balls. Katie said that Johnson & Johnson loved what we were doing and was giving 500 soccer balls to Charity Ball that would be donated to kids in Brazil. How sweet is that?

I want to thank Katie and her team for the cool opportunity and the meaningful experience. I also want to thank the folks at Johnson & Johnson for the distinguished honor of being named a Champion of Care.

Winning Kick

By Game Changers, Products, Soccer Culture

About 6 months ago I was contacted by two brilliant people named Scott Balaban and Elizabeth Sarquis. Elizabeth is the founder and CEO Global Gaming Initiative and Scott is the Development Director. GGI helps those in need around the world through entertaining and inspiring mobile games. They had the great idea of creating a game for the iPhone and Android platforms that would promote and help sponsor Charity Ball. For the last half a year, we’ve been working with them to bring this idea to life.

The game is called “Winning Kick” and the objective is to score as many goals as possible in 30 seconds. It applies some of the simple fun of Flappy Bird and also has a classic 80’s arcade game feel. It is very addicting, and in some moments you to want to throw your phone across the room, which is part of the thrill and experience, right? Not only are you having fun playing the game, you’re also helping get brand new, quality soccer balls to kids in poverty-stricken communities around the word. It’s a win-win and the perfect way to give back — 50% of the proceeds to go Charity Ball!

Go to the app store now and get in the game:
for Android or for iPhone