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About Charity Ball

Charity Ball is a global soccer charity fueled by kids, fans, and athletes who believe that giving back and playing for something bigger can make the world more beautiful.

In addition to hand-delivering new soccer balls, we provide “Level The Field” playing opportunities and clean drinking water to kids in disadvantaged situations around the world.

The Beautiful Game

Soccer has the power to unite races, awaken self-worth and help children cope with hardship and loss. It can empower big dreams and give the next generation a reason to pursue a more beautiful life and world.

Trash Balls

The gift of a new soccer ball can change the world for a kid. Millions of children living in poverty will never own a real ball. Crude substitutes made from trash and string are their only option. We believe they deserve better.

CharityBall couriers

How We Work

Partner organizations & US couriers assist us in identifying potential recipients. Once a project receives approval, couriers accompany charity balls to their appointed destination for hand-delivery.

Charity Ball FIFA quality soccer balls

FIFA Endorsed

Every Charity Ball soccer ball is new and FIFA-endorsed. To prove our work, recipients are photographed with their new balls and shared on our blog and social media.

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Charity Ball is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible soccer charity registered with VOX. Tax ID #20-8989756. Private donors (like you!) and corporate sponsors help us keep the ball rolling.

Featured In

Pass The Ball

“Pass The Ball” is a documentary short produced by Dress Code featuring Charity Ball founder, Ethan King and Neven Subotic. The film follows Ethan and Neven to rural Mozambique where they host a “once in a lifetime” soccer event for kids in one of the poorest regions of the world, and hand-deliver 500 soccer balls.

Ethan King delivers soccer balls to kids in Russia during the 2018 World Cup

Meet Our Founder

Ethan King founded Charity Ball when he was 10 years old.

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Charity Ball hand delivers new soccer balls to kids around the world

Map Our Recipients

Check out our interactive map and see what countries we’ve been to.

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