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The Real Heroes

These are the ones who shift the momentum, inspire hope, elevate their team and ultimately get the result. Our success at Charity Ball is largely accredited to the countless playmakers around the world who change the game for kids.
Here are just a few.

Leah Finkelman

Organized a cool bake sale and raised $700

Mia Seergae

Started an online campaign and raised $500

David Bass

Hosted a Charity Ball Fundraiser in Japan and raised over $3000

Carlie Castiglione

Organized a Charity Ball Soccer Tournament

Jordanna Goldstein

Used her Bat Mitzvah project to raise over $1200

John Morgan

Hosted a Charity Ball Tournament in rural Kenya

Camden & Colby

Gave up birthday presents for donations

Kaveen Chandra

Started an online campaign & raised over $5000

Jack Brown

Led a juggling project that captured national attention

Peyton Jenkins

Traveled to Peru to hand-deliver Charity Balls

Neven Subotic

Used his fame to help give 400 kids new kits & balls

Bardia Kimiavi

Led an EA Sports FIFA tournament at his high school

Brian Dunseth

Used his MLS voice to raise support & help kids

Kylie Ingalls

Organized a charity soccer clinic for her sr. project

Sam Barthel

Volunteered weekly to help kids

Ethan Friedman

Rallied his friends to raise over $2000 at age 7

Michael Johns

Volunteered countless hours for the cause

John Kadura

Led a soccer camp fundraiser for kids in Texas

Ciara Frame

Traveled to Panama to hand-deliver balls

Kris Wienski

Hand-delivered balls to displaced kids in Nepal

Leo Adams

Hosted multiple birthday fundraiser events

Special thanx to these people and scores of others who continue to change the game and make the world a little more beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing.