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Charity Ball World Tour: Vietnam Update

By February 27, 2013Uncategorized

Big Thanks to Tom Bearor, Emily Wood and Jackie Faryniarz for the leadership they’re bringing to the 2013 Charity Ball World Tour!

If you’ve been reading the Charity Ball Blog lately, you know that these guys have been on a ship the last several weeks visiting countries and hand delivering Charity Balls to kids in Asia. They are doing an amazing job. Tom just emailed me some pictures and a way-cool report from Vietnam. Check it out!

The ball deliveries have taught me more than I would have ever expected. Even at the age of 20, I am still learning about giving. Nay, I am still learning about the power of giving. Just like Ethan realized after gifting his first soccer ball, I am realizing the joy a ball can bring children. I had traveled before this trip, but never realized the power a gift as simple as a soccer ball can bring children. I am learning that a soccer ball brings more to children than a smile on their faces, or a ball to their home. A ball brings with it a world of new adventure, building of friendships in matches and passing games, and solitude in improving their skills, individually.

The gifting of balls has been nothing short of fantastic. Besides better teaching me the power of giving, we have been able to give children a smile that can last time and time again. A soccer ball will not leave them when I do, but will stay as a gift that keeps on giving. For example, after gifting balls to a group of local children and continuing my journey down the Mekong Delta, in Vietnam, I was pleased to see on my way back that hours after I had left, children were still outside playing.

Thank you, Ethan. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and for making it possible for over 500 children to share in the love of the game of soccer. Every kid deserves a ball.

Tom, thanks for what you’re doing! -E