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When I was four my parents signed me up to play rec soccer. I used to play just for fun and to just run around with other kids and kick the ball. But now I do not, now I play to be a winner. I don’t play because I want to win every time. I play to be my best, even if my team doesn’t win that doesn’t matter. When we try our hardest and don’t give up, even if were down 5-0, that’s what matters, that is what makes us winners. When I started playing, I wasn’t a good, amazing player. I practiced, I worked hard to be where I am now.

I think it’s important for everyone to have a chance to play this amazing game. It teaches you how to work together as a team. You also get to meet all these amazing people who love the game just like you. You make friends and get to play and have fun while you push yourself to be your best. I think it’s great to be on a team with people who like to lead. The other day my coach asked my team, “what’s a leader?” A leader isn’t just someone who bosses everyone around. A leader is a person who encourages everyone, communicates with the team, and helps the team organize and succeed. Playing soccer doesn’t just teach you athletic skills, it can also teach you how to be a good teammate and a leader.

When my teacher told me I had to do a project that could make a difference, I knew I wanted to do something with soccer. I love soccer and I want to help the soccer community. When I found Charity Ball, I knew I wanted to create a fundraiser. I want to help kids who aren’t as fortunate as me and can’t go to the store and buy a soccer ball. I want to spread my love for soccer across the world so others can enjoy it too. I hope I can help other children start their own soccer journey.

A soccer ball may seem like a small thing, but I can’t imagine not even having a chance to have one. Please consider donating to my fundraiser and give some kids a chance to play and learn from the wonderful game of soccer.

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Imogene Morley

$77.55 March 26, 2022

Carolyn Dietsch

$45.62 March 26, 2022

Just saw this. You are doing great!


Amy OBrien

$26.06 March 22, 2022

Dorothy Keal

$51.80 March 15, 2022

Paul Bradley

$103.30 March 13, 2022

Bonnie J Kleeberg

$103.30 March 10, 2022

Sherri Armstrong

$26.06 March 10, 2022



Patricia C Burkitt

$51.80 March 10, 2022

Erin Laming

$25.00 March 10, 2022

Michelle Sheldon-Davis

$77.55 March 9, 2022

John Davis

$26.06 March 9, 2022

Back of the net!


Ann-Marie Davis

$26.06 March 9, 2022