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Do What You Love

Whether it’s gaming, running, playing soccer or celebrating an event, use what you love to do to rally your friends, raise some money and make a difference.

Get Started

You Can Fundraise For

New Soccer Balls

Hand-delivering balls to boys and girls

Clean Drinking Water

Soccer + Clean Water Projects

Level The Field

Girls-specific soccer programs

How To Get Started

1. Start Your Campaign
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Pick a name & pick a photo
  • Tell your story
2. Spread the Word
  • Send emails
  • Send text messages
  • Share on your social networks
3. Celebrate Changed Lives
  • Post shout-outs to donors
  • Send thank yous
  • Savor the impact

For Inspiration

What others have done to raise money and make the world more beautiful.

Birthday Color Run

For his 10th birthday, Ben Stone invited his guests to participate in a color run and make a donation to his fundraiser.

Leah Baked Good Fundraiser for Charity Ball
Bake Sale

Every holiday season, Leah Finkelman makes and sells delicious treats to give new soccer balls to kids in disadvantaged situations.

Bar Mitzvah

David Baas raised over $4000 by asking his friends to shoot on goal against his priest’s goalkeeping dog. Obviously the dog won!