The Globe Pub, Chicago

By October 2, 2016Fundraisers

I’m thrilled to announce our newest campaign partner, The Globe Pub-the Best Sports Bar & Grill on the North Side of Chicago.


A couple of my friends from the Windy City told me about this authentic sports bar, where local futbol lovers gather each week to enjoy a few brewskies, have a good meal, and support their favorite team. Last February, on my way to Northwestern University, I stopped by and got to experience it firsthand.

It has to be, without doubt, the best local sports bar I’ve ever been to. Outside it looks like your typical grill, however when you walk through the door you quickly realize that this is something special. Every room is filled with televisions, all placed in strategic locations for you to watch the big game while enjoying the all popular Fish & Chips or Avocado BLT Wrap. The walls are plastered with vintage signed jerseys, classic supporters scarves, and other forms of unique soccer memorabilia. I guess I can’t say I’ve gotten the full experience of the pub considering I can’t drink yet, but I definitely know where I’m headed when I turn 21. 🙂


This past summer, I gave Megan (one of the managers) a call to see if they would consider doing something with Charty Ball. She was all about it. She got me in touch with Patrick Stanton. What a guy! Patrick also manages The Globe and coaches soccer at FW Parker High School. He’s been great to talk to these past few weeks and I couldn’t think of a better guy to be leading this campaign for The Globe.

Patrick laid out an astonishing goal of raising $10,000 for Charity Ball. You can check out their campaign page and make a donation here.

It’s so cool when businesses use their resources to do something to help kids around the world. I’m really excited to have these guys in the mix!

If you’re ever in the Chicago area… be sure to stop by.


Better yet, donate to the campaign here.



By Ethan King
Charity Ball Founder