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Level the Field aims to use sport, design, and media to increase equity and level the soccer playing field for girls around the world.
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The Field Isn’t Always Level

In many places around the world, girls are discouraged and sometimes even prohibited from playing the game of soccer. At Charity Ball we believe in a level playing field where every kid gets the opportunity to play—especially girls.


Charity Ball’s Level The Field initiative provides mentoring programs, new equipment and playing opportunities for girls in developing countries.

Charity Ball+Selman Design Level The Field Soccer Ball

The Equalizer Match Ball

A collaboration between Charity Ball, Selman Design and Continental Tire, the Equalizer Match Ball epitomizes the Level The Field message—equality. The “Equalizer” logo is displayed in bright, vibrant colors and the black & white panels boast unique “Level The Field” expressions, underscoring our commitment to unity & diversity.

Purchase & Support the Cause

When you purchase a Charity Ball Equalizer Match Ball all proceeds go to support the Level The Field initiative for girls.


Get Involved

Donate to the cause. Design for the cause. Post for the cause.

Contact us for more information on how you can join us in leveling the field for girls around the world.


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