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Refuse to be Dominated: We Believe

By April 10, 2014Uncategorized

Just over 200 years ago, a small group of passionate people rose up and fought for a dream. They believed that a life marked by freedom, liberty and justice for all was possible. They made plans, took risks and sailed to a new world. As fate would have it, the long arm of oppression soon followed and attempted to rob them of their dream.

Refusing to be dominated, they rose up. Fueled by insane conviction, they fought hard, gave it everything they had and eventually won.

Today, the USA is one of the greatest countries in the world.

And although (2 centuries later) we have our challenges, one thing remains the same – our freedom! We are free today because a handful of people onced believed.

That same spirit that forged America years ago lives in us today. It’s what drives us to dream even bigger dreams and rise above anything and anyone who may seek to dominate us in life or on the field.

In the 2014 World Cup group stage we will immediately face 3 teams (Germany, Ghana & Portugal) that will do everything they can to dominate and rob us of our dream. However, we have something far greater than talent, fame or endorsements.

We have the unbelievable power to believe.

ESPN’s new 2014 World Cup commercial is a testimony to who we are and how we operate as a nation. We dream. We plan. We work. We rise up. We fight.

We believe.

-Team Charity Ball