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Save Lives Nike (RED)

By April 5, 2012Uncategorized

For the past few years, we’ve been supporting the Nike (RED) project by wearing their red laces in our cleats (boots for our Euro/ Africa friends). 2 weeks ago we stopped by Nike’s Training Center in Soweto, South Africa. When we showed up, there was a U17 international tournament going on. We talked to some of the guys from Zambia and they were pretty jazzed about playing. After watching a game we went inside the center and took a little tour. At the back of the building was this cool life-size sign that said, “Lace Up. Save Lives.” We quickly snapped a pict. Whenever you buy the Product (RED) laces for around $4, Nike will give 100% of the profits to Fight AIDS and fund programs that provide medicine for those living with HIV in Africa. They look sweet and they make a difference. Grab a pair here.